Before and After School Care


At Cardinia Primary School, Before & After School Care is offered by DS Sport. 

An exciting and engaging programme of activities for the children to choose from. The programme is fully stocked with modern resources that appeal to a wide range of interests and ages. A delicious and nutritious breakfast is provided until 8:30 am each morning with Afternoon tea provided which will be a student choice menu. 

DS Sports provides adventurous and stimulating before and after school care programs in a safe and inclusive environment. During our OSHC, children participate in a range of activities that use an approach called "Explore Zones:. Free Zones include students to explore a multitude of zones set up in the OSHC Space. DS Zones are a place for growth and nurture the building of life-time skills. Our zones incorporate health, play/leisure, language, real life connections, and promotes the building of positive relationships with peers and our staff. 

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Operation Hours


Before Care 6:30 am until Bell

After Care - Bell until 6:30 pm

Direct Contact

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Phone - 0466 998 054
Naomi Perry

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Phone - 0409 290 729